Social listening Data

When you interact or communicate on social media channels/pages/promotions and blogs (e.g. when you click on "like" or "share", when you post and share comments and when you submit ratings and reviews) your Personal Data is processed by a third party that provides social listening services to EximiTech d.o.o.. This means that the third party that provides social listening services will retain a copy of your online publicly available interactions to which the third party has provided us access.

The Personal Data we collect includes publically available data provided in the social media context by you from the relevant social media provider via a third party that provides social listening services such as: name, gender, birthday or age, homepage, profile photo, time zone, mail address, country, interests, and comments and content you have posted/shared.

We use this Personal Data to gain a general view of the opinion of people about us and our brand_names and to get an idea of relevant online influencers and to resolve issues and/or improve DataNubo products and services and/or start a promotional conversation with you (based on questions/requests that you addressed to us or our competitors).

We consider the processing of Social Listening Data in the above context to be based on a legitimate interest of EximiTech d.o.o. to be lawful under article 6(f) Regulation (EC) 5419/16.