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Integrated Business Cloud Solutions

Datanubo domain registration

Domain Management

Your online presence must have a great domain name as a starting point. In fact, this word will be used in your promotions and will identify you as unique. We can register the domain name for you, including all necessary configuration on the domain name server. If required, we can also take care of domain renewal.

Datanubo files cloud

Data Storage

Storing and syncing documents and media in the cloud is a great convenience for your business. You can easily share files, access them from anywhere, and recover them if something goes wrong. A suite of applications lets you manage all your documents on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Email server

Email Hosting

Nowadays we are able to access email messages from a wide range of devices. It is no longer acceptable to use only the office PC to store all the messages. To achieve efficient business communication, you need an easy and always accessible email service.

Datanubo video conference

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing helps to build relationships, trust, and bonds between employees. Executives can meet and collaborate in real time with global offices. Hybrid workers feel more involved and included. Project managers see and interact with those they may never get to meet in person. All in complete privacy with self-hosted service.

Datanubo instant messaging

Instant Messaging

The instant messaging service allows users to send and receive messages in real time. Instant messengers allow individuals or groups to communicate quickly and efficiently through text, voice, or video chat. All in complete privacy with the self-hosted solution.

Datanubo collaborative work

Collaboration Suite

A collaboration software suite empowers employees through a wide range of interconnected tools to creatively achieve common goals by combining skills and expertise. It includes modules for managing contacts, documents, tasks, projects, and more.