All you need to manage your business online

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through online products and solutions. We take care of your business presence online, so you can stay oriented to your activities instead of dealing with all the stuff connected to website, data accessibilty at any place and communication solutions as may be emails, webinars, online meeting.

Our products and solutions are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.

Since 2007, when we made the first CMS, a lot of changes happened. The growing of internet opportunity and more advanced requirements are becoming a big challenge for all the kind of business.

New skills are required and often the entrepreneur, which is oriented to develop its goals, may be confused and has no time to enter into technical activities concern to internet environment.
Our Team

In 2012 we developed IntraBasic, an internet platform dedicated to development and hosting websites, manage and make accessible your email account from different devices. It is also a collaboration platform able to store and share files, contacts and calendars.

In 2020 IntraBasic has been replaced by DataNubo, which offers improved and new features.

Why DataNubo is the right choice for you?

Managing internet configurations and solutions require some technical skills, which may be frustrating and time consuming for every entreprenuer dedicated to grow its own business.

Actually, nowaday it is a must have a webpage, email and fast access to data, but is worth for you dealing with domains, servers, coding and many other affairs related to hosting and data sharing?

DataNubo is an advanced cloud platform designed to be friendly for your business. We cover all the technical affairs and do all the required settings and management for you. Thus you can stay focused on your business goals with no consuming time on elements that you do not have to deal with.

We are here to help your business to be ready online including tools required to be efficient and improve your sales. Compile the online form and let us know your requirements. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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