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IntraBasic has been replaced with DataNubo

The platform developed in 2012 has evolved into new level

24 May 2020 2023-06-03 News 0 comment
The fast growing demand of more efficient cloud solutions designed for business, lead us into a complete redesign of the platform launched in 2012. The migration of all services is starting and in the next few months the new platform will be ready for all the customers.

All started in 2007 with the first content management system. At the time, internet started evolving fast in unpredictable direction, the social media started take off and the connection speed was increasing. The company website became a must. No more just a bunch of html files, the content has to be more interactive and easy to manage.

The requirement of fast access to data lead us to extend the CMS with new functionality and in 2012 we launched our cloud platform, which included at first email service and improved connection with social media, then in 2016 has been extended with advanced website builder and CRM system.

The 2020 is the year, when business has been required new skills and features. Our response is the new redesigned cloud system DataNubo, which extend capability and functionality required by business.

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